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What to expect from Marvels next phase?

So, it’s not really a phase until the movie comes out. And to be honest, it is not entirely clear when Marvel will reveal what is coming in their next phase.

But given that Spider-Man: Far From Home has just been released and we are already hearing talk about MCU phases 6 & 7, there must be something on the way for us! So; What can we expect? (in no particular order).

1) Captain Marvel 2

The Brie Larson led solo outing will likely get its sequel announcement at some point; Given how well-received both her character and the film were, it seems highly likely.

2) Black Panther 2

The African King has another solo outing coming up before phase 6 draws to a close; The sequel should follow early in Phase 7. We can definitely see this being announced soon given that audiences are loving the character and the world he inhabits.

3) Iron Man 4/ Defaln of SHIELD Spinoff?

We are not sure how popular the idea will be, but could we have one final Robert Downey Jr led outing for Iron Man? This could pave the way for an Agents of Shield spinoff based around characters like Mockingbird/ Hunter etc… But only time will tell. That being said, we think it’s more likely Thanos’ snap will also have consequences for Tony Stark. You can find Iron man-like characters also in Nordic mythology casino slot games, which you can check out on the Netticasino website.

4) Nick Fury

Another popular character would certainly make sense; Samuel L Jackson has said he’d be up for this and Robert Downey Jr has expressed interest as well. A solo outing seems like a long shot, but we could see him after his eye injury (Aka: The accident which brings about the Avengers initiative). Given that we’re now seeing the larger world of the MCU expanding with films like Eternals & Shang Chi, I can definitely see Fury popping into that side of thing at some point.

5) Hawkeye/ Black Widow?

At this point in time, it’s very likely these characters will pop up somewhere given how popular they are across social media. Not to mention the fact that it’s important to be able to connect the different phases together (See: Spider-Man: Far From Home post-credits scene). We think we can expect both of these characters after phase 6.

6) Shang Chi?

Again, given how many new worlds and characters we’re seeing pop up in MCU films, it would make sense for a number of them to get their own spinoff; The old master is definitely one such character. It could even happen before phase 7 though we are not sure if Marvel will take that risk considering they’ve just released another solo outing for a solo character. Nonetheless, I’m predicting that’ll be announced either after Captain Marvel 2 or early into Phase 7!

7) Captain America 4

Now Chris Evans has said he’s done with this character, but not sure. We think they will find a way to give the actor/character one final outing in phase 7 after Avengers 4. This would have to come late into that phase though as they’d be looking at around 19 movies with him in it  + his cameos… But again, who knows! Either way, if we don’t get an announcement by 2020 of this coming in Phase 6.


So, that’s what we will be expecting at this point in time. As we said before, it’s not clear when Marvel will be announcing these movies nor is it clear just how many movies there are coming up over the next two phases. That being said, we think we can expect to see some of these announced either late into Phase 6 or early on during stage 7… Who knows until then!