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Thor OG Champion Overview – The God of Armor Breaks

Due to contrary belief, Thor OG remains a solid champ post 12.0, the apocalyptic update. Prior to this patch, which nearly destroyed the game and nerfed some of the strongest champs, Thor dealt an ungodly amount of damage. For one, he didn’t have a limit on the amount of armor breaks he could stack (now he can only stack two armor breaks). Add Thor’s ability to deal huge damage and passive ability to gain furies to the unlimited armor stacks and you had one overpowered SOB. 



  • CLASS: Cosmic
  • TIER: Demi-God
  • SIG ABILITY: Ragnarok
  • AVAILABILITY: 2* – 5*
  • NOTES: Needs To Be Awakened

In my opinion, Thor still remains a very strong Cosmic Champ that is worth dumping some resources into. Let me be completely clear though, he 100% needs to be awakened in order to unlock his armor breaks via Parry and Specials. And truthfully, Thor only has Demi-God status when he is awakened. So if you pick up an OG Thor without the ability to awaken him, he’s not worth investing your hard earned catalysts, iso, and gold.

Thor’s Signature Ability – Ragnarok

Sig Ability Part 1: When Thor Stuns his opponent, he tears apart their Armor reducing it for 7.5 Seconds.

This is where Thor shines… Basically, you can stun an opponent via Parry or by launching one of Thor’s specials. Each time you stun an opponent they have an armor break against them for 7.5 seconds and you can stack a total of two armor breaks. As I stated above, Thor used to be able to stack armor breaks like a boss, but since the 12.0 update he now stacks them like… Middle management?


Sig Ability Part 2: Stunning the Thunder God infuriates him and grants him Fury, increasing his Attack for 4.5 Seconds.

Get stunned and get a Fury. It’s a best practice not to get hit in this game, so work on not getting hit, but if you do get hit, you get a fury, so that’s cool I guess. Finally, Thor does not need a high signature level to enjoy the benefits of Ragnarok, so you can save those sig stones!

Thor’s Abilities and Specials

Thor has some really great Passive Abilities that turn him into an armor penetrating, damage dealing, machine. 

  • Passive Abilities: 40% Shock Resistance | Chance to trigger a Fury Buff increases by 50% every 30 seconds that pass in a fight. Maximum = 150% increase. | For each Fury Buff active, Thor gains additional armor penetration
  • All Attacks: 10% chance to gain a Fury Buff for 6.5 seconds, granting increased attack.
  • Special Attack 1: 70% chance to Stun for 3 seconds | This attack deals True Damage, ignoring all of the opponent’s Armor
  • Special Attack 2: 85% chance to Stun for 4 seconds
  • Special Attack 3: 100% chance to Stun for 4.5 seconds 

Thor’s Synergy Partners

Thor is one popular guy because there are A LOT of champs that synergize with him. Personally, I’m a huge fan of adding Heimdall to the mix as he really adds a useful synergy for the entire team.  I always mention this website because they are rad, straight up… Hit up Marvel Synergy if you want in-depth synergy breakdowns. They do it right. 

ENEMIES SYNERGY: All Champions – Gain +Crit Rating


FRIENDS SYNERGY: All Champions – Gain +Armor Rating


TEAMMATES SYNERGY: All Champions – Gain +Perfect Block Chance


FAMILY SYNERGY: All Champions – Gain +Health


WARRIORS OF ASGARD SYNERGY: All Champions (Except Heimdall) – Once Per Fight, Dash Back + Hold Block For 1.5 Seconds To Regenerate 15% Of Missing Health Instantly 


COSMIC POWERS SYNERGY: All Cosmic Champions – +Buff Duration by 25% — Does Not Stack w/ Duplicate Synergies

Cap Infinity War

RIVALS SYNERGY: All Champions – Gain +Crit Damage Rating

Hulk OG

ROMANCE SYNERGY: All Champions – Gain +Power Gain

Thor (Jane Foster)

NEMESIS SYNERGY: All Champions – Gain +Attack

Ultron Classic

BELIEVER SYNERGY: Thor Gets +10% Fury Potency — Does Not Stack w/ Duplicate Synergies

Punisher 2099

Thor FAQs

Is Thor A Good MCOC Champ?

If Thor’s awakened he’s a top tier champ, especially in the Cosmic Class. He’s just an absolute beast when his Sig Ability is operational, which makes him a lot of fun to use.

Is Thor The Top Cosmic Champ?

I believe Thor is a Top 5 Cosmic Champ despite getting nerf gunned.

Should I Use An Awakening Gem on Thor?

If you have Medusa, Captain Marvel Movie, or Hyperion, then I’d use the gem on them. Otherwise, yes… Use an awakening gem on Thor ASAP. 

Does Thor Need A High Signature Level?

Nope! Once he’s awakened you are pretty set.

Should I Use Iso/Gold On Thor?

If he’s awakened, 100% use your resources on him. If he isn’t awakened, I would hold your iso, gold, and catalysts for now. 

Does Thor Come As A 6 Star Champ?

No, not yet. As of now, only Thor Rags and Thor (Jane Foster) come as 6* Champs. 

How Do I Say/Pronounce Thor’s Hammer, Mjölnir?


Yup, just like that!

Thor OG Overview

So, let’s review… IF Thor is awakened you can gain up to two armor breaks via Parry or Special, he deals significant damage, he is fun to use, and he has some interesting synergies. I still use my OG 4* Thor in Alliance War, because he legit hammers through opponents, like a, uh… Like a hammer… Like a hammer hammer’s nails? You get what I mean. 

Thor Hammerin’ Odinson

Thor OG is still a great champ so if you pull him, be happy, just don’t sink resources into him until he’s awakened. Think of an unawakened Thor as an investment, so under no circumstances should you sell him or any champion for that matter. Any questions, comments, concerns, or whatever, leave a comment below or hit me up on Line @SeanM3.