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The Easiest Way to Obtain MCOC Units

Units are your currency, your cash flow, your scrilla in Marvel Contest of Champions, so if you know the best approach to obtain units, then you can optimize and grow your account at a much faster rate. Unfortunately, the fastest way to get units is to either spend money or grind arena, which are both pretty terrible options. With that said, I have included the best, easiest, and fastest ways to obtain units in MCOC, but I’m sorry to say there just isn’t a silver bullet in terms of obtaining them. If you don’t want to spend coin, then you’ll have to grind, but there’s nothing wrong w/ farming units.


The Easiest Way To Get Units – Calendar Login

This is the easiest way to score units only because it involves a daily sign in. It’s pretty simple and I have some awesome tips for you, so please read on! 

  1. Take phone out of pocket;
  2. Tap on Marvel Contest of Champions mobile application;
  3. Login & collect units on the 6th, 13th, 20th, and 27th day of the month.
What’s a Mavel Contract of Champaign Application?
-Boomer Anne-

By just logging in for at least 27 days, you will collect a grand total of 100 units. Also, Kabam runs random calendar events where they award you additional units for just logging in. It involves waiting a bit, but you only have to login. Super simple. 

The Fastest Way To Obtain Units – Spend $$

The fastest way to get units, if Apple/Samsung Pay is not an option, is to open up your wallet, take out your card, type in the CC numbers, buy the units, and hate yourself shortly thereafter.


Sorry to say, but there isn’t a faster way to get units then spending $$. BUT, let’s break down when you should spend your hard earned cash.

Best Deals for Units

First off, let’s talk about the bad deals. When you make a purchase in the unit store you are paying $0.03 per unit, which doesn’t sounds like a lot, but turns out… It adds up once you multiply that $0.03 by 3100 Units. Furthermore, almost every MCOC talking head says the standard pricing for the Unit Store, below, is always a bad deal.

  • 3100 Units @ $99.99 = $0.0322484 Per Unit
  • 1450 Units @ $49.99 = $0.0344756 Per Unit
  • 850 Units @ $29.99 = $0.03528235 Per Unit
  • 275 Units @ $9.99 = $0.03632727 Per Unit
  • 135 Units @ $4.99 = $0.03696296 Per Unit

The best unit deals typically occur around Black Friday/Cyber Monday, Christmas, and the other major holidays. Good deals typically include a price reduction for units, or include more units with the standard cost, OR add 4*/5*/6* Shards, Gold, Sig Stones, etc. w/ the units you are purchasing. Overall, make sure you aren’t paying $0.03 Per Unit, but if you are paying that amount, make sure it includes more stuff like gold or shards.

Another decent deal is the Collector’s Daily Card, which delivers 735 Units for $4.99. The issue is you won’t get all 735 units at once and have to login on a daily basis for 30 days. I still think it’s a solid deal if you need units since you are paying a little over half a cent per unit. 

  • 735 Units @ $4.99 = $0.00678912 Per Unit (Less than a cent per unit)

The Most Popular Way To Farm Units – Grind Arena

I use the word “Popular” a bit too liberally here but if you are like me, grinding arena is not much fun. It is, however, the “go to” in terms of farming units without spending any $$. There are two ways to acquire units in Arena, one is hitting milestones and the other is accumulating Battle Chips, which can be exchanged for Arena Crystals.

When you grind arena you will hit milestones, which will award you anywhere from 5 – 15 units per milestone. Those unit numbers vary based on whether you are grinding in a 3*, 4*, or 5* arena. When I need units, I focus on hitting 2-4 milestones per arena so I don’t get completely burnt out. This usually nets me anywhere from 50 – 65 units, but I’m also generating over 10,000 Battle Chips. 

The other way to land units is via battle chips and for every round and milestone you hit, you will build up a sizable chunk of Battle Chips (BC’s). These BC’s can then be used to purchase Arena Crystals (2000 BC’s per crystal) or Uncollected Arena Crystals (10k BC’s per crystal), which pay out gold or units.

When I’m deciding between investing my hard earned battle chips in an Arena Crystal vs. Uncollected Arena Crystal, I ALWAYS choose the regular Arena Crystals. I have found much more success scoring units in Arena vs. Uncollected and the thought of exchanging 10k battle chips for one measly uncollected crystal doesn’t jive with me. 

Side Note: If you haven't become Uncollected yet, then you have a very simple choice here, but dude... Get Uncollected ASAP!

How Many Units From Battle Chips

I did a bit of a case study on how many units you can expect to receive for every Regular Arena Crystal you open. Here are the results:

1,000,000 Battle Chips / 2000 Battle Chips Per Arena Crystal = 500 Arena Crystals

  • Case 1: 500 Arena Crystals Opened = 2040 Units 
  • Case 2: 500 Arena Crystals Opened = 1905 Units
  • Case 3: 500 Arena Crystals Opened = 1920 Units

RESULTS: Avg. Units Per 500 Arena Crystals = 1955 Units or 3.91 Units Per Crystal Opening

  • If you open 500 Arena Crystals (1 Million Battle Chips), you should land around 1955 Units;
  • If you open 250 Arena Crystals (500k Battle Chips), you should land around 977 Units;
  • If you open 125 Arena Crystals (250k Battle Chips), you should land around 488 Units;
  • AND, if you open 50 Arena Crystals (100k Battle Chips), you should land around 195 Units.

Other Ways to Get Units

Solo Events

Solo Events such as Hero Use, Level-Up, & Event Quest Completion will land you 25 Units once you hit that fourth milestone. What’s awesome, is these three solo events end every 22 hours, so if you play your cards right and hit that fourth milestone for each event, you can net 75 Units pretty regularly.


Alliance Quests

Make sure you join an alliance that is active in AQ, mainly because this will help level up your champs via catalysts (mainly catalyst fragments). The bonus that few talk about is after you complete a Map you will receive battle chips. I’ve included the base amount of Battle Chips you will receive below, but these numbers will increase based on how much of the map your team explores.

  • AQ Map 1: 360 Battle Chips
  • AQ Map 2: 900 Battle Chips
  • AQ Map 3: 1,215 Battle Chips
  • AQ Map 4: 1,725 Battle Chips
  • AQ Map 5: 2,225 Battle Chips
  • AQ Map 6: 0 Battle Chips
  • AQ Map 7: 0 Battle Chips

Complete & Explore Event Quests 

Every month Kabam releases new Event Quests, which provide another opportunity to earn units. Each time you complete a chapter you are awarded 10 units and exploring each chapter at 100% awards you an additional 20 units. There are three chapters in each Event Quest Difficulty meaning you can earn a grand total of 360 Units. 

Personally, I don’t believe the juice is worth the squeeze here since you will be spending a TON of energy to fully explore each chapter at 100%.  I’ve estimated it to be around 4000 – 4500 Energy to fully explore all maps Beginner – Master. Below I’ve added the quest difficulty settings and unit payouts. 

  • Beginner: 30 Units Completion | 60 Units Exploration
  • Normal: 30 Units Completion | 60 Units Exploration
  • Heroic: 30 Units Completion | 60 Units Exploration
  • Master: 30 Units Completion | 60 Units Exploration
  • Uncollected: 0 Unit Payout — WTF, Kabam?!

Daily Crystals (Uncollected and Cavalier)

Believe it or not, you can score some units by opening your Daily Uncollected or Daily Cavalier Crystals. The drop rate isn’t high, but I’ve included some results where Seatin, Lagacy, and ContestChampion each spun 100 daily crystals. 

  • 100 Uncollected Daily Crystals = 45 Units (Seatin)
  • 100 Uncollected Daily Crystals = 30 Units (Seatin)
  • 100 Uncollected Daily Crystals = 15 Units (ContestChampion)
  • 100 Cavalier Daily Crystals = 55 Units (Lagacy)

It’s not the most encouraging amount of units per 100 Crystals, but for logging in Daily and collecting a crystal, this is another opportunity to score some easy units. 

Leveling Up

This is at the very bottom of the totem pole in terms of legit options for obtaining units. It is however, pretty damn easy! By gaining experience via EQ/SQ, you will ultimately level-up and every time you level-up you will be awarded five units. I know, it’s not a lot, but at least it’s something. 


Starting on Level 3 and ending on Level 60 you will receive 5 units each level, giving you a total of 280 Units. Again, this will take a loooong time, and was almost not worth mentioning. So, your welcome?

What Have We Learned

Spend $$ if you want units quickly and grind arena if you are Free To Play (FTP). There are some additional ways to collect units, but they won’t come close to the amount you can get by grinding arena or spending coin. Let me conclude by saying I have never had the patience to farm units like the pros of MCOC. I have absolutely made an attempt, but I tend to perform a watered down version, or the lazy man’s version of unit farming. So to those of you that can grind…