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Star-Lord Champion Overview – The OG God Tier

Star-Lord IS the OG God Tier Champ and remains one of the top tech champs around, so if you pull him you should be very happy. Here’s the catch, Star Lord (SL) really needs to be duped/awakened in order to obtain that coveted Signature Ability, Tactician. SL’s Sig ability is 100% what makes him a God Tier Champ. So, my initial advice is if you have an Awakening Gem he is definitely worth using it on, but if you pull an SL unduped/unawakened, maybe hold off on leveling him up and sinking your iso/cats/gold until he’s awakened. 


  • CLASS: Tech
  • TIER: God
  • SIG ABILITY: Tactician
  • AVAILABILITY: 2* – 5*
  • NOTES: Needs To Be Awakened

Star Lord’s Signature Ability – Tactician

Sig Ability Part 1: As blows are exchanged Star-Lord familiarizes w/ opponents’ techniques, increasing Attack for each hit of the Combo Meter to a maximum of 400 hits. 

Basically, if you hit an opponent consecutively and don’t get hit yourself, Star Lord will keep hitting harder and harder. Once he reaches a maximum of 400 consecutive hits, he no longer ramps up the Attack, but at that point SL is already hitting like a freight train. Because of SL’s sig ability there is a community of MCOC’ers who will bring out a 2* Awakened SL to what seems like an impossible fight… And win! The even better news is SL doesn’t need a high signature level, just awaken him and he’s good to go.

2* Star-Lord vs. 6* Medusa

– Brought to you by Mvinceable

Sig Ability Part 2: Star-Lord gains Block Proficiency for every hit of his opponent’s Combo Meter.

Star Lord also gains a Block Proficiency (yay?), but you will need to take damage in order for this ability to increase. Take my advice, and it’s super simple, don’t get hit. 

Star Lord’s Abilities & Specials

SL has a chance to gain a Fury Buff, which is nice, especially if SL is awakened and you’re really building up your combo meter. He also has an “eh” SP1 and SP3, but his SP2 is one of the strongest in the game, especially if you’ve built up his combo meter AND have a Fury buff rolling. My “No S$*&” advice is the following: don’t get hit, build up that combo, and unleash his SP2 in order to take down some of the toughest opponents in Story, Alliance War, Alliance Quest, and Event Quests.

  • 11% chance to gain a Fury Buff for 6.50 seconds, granting increased Attack.
  • Special Attack 1: Deals 20% bonus damage when striking a charging enemy.
  • Special Attack 2: Star-Lord’s Element Gun selects one element at random each time it fires. Each element has a different effect when it strikes the opponent.
  • Special Attack 3: Star-Lord’s Element Gun selects one element at random each time it fires. Each element has a different effect when it strikes the opponent.
Flying Side Kick Not Included

Element Gun Effects

Each time you fire off a round of the element gun, which only occurs via SP2 and SP3, you will put one of the following effects on your opponent:

  • FIRE: Breaks the opponent’s Armor, reducing Armor Rating for 8 seconds.
  • AIR: Shocks the opponent, dealing Energy Damage over 6 seconds.
  • WATER: Drains up to 50% of the opponent’s Maximum Power.
  • EARTH: Places a Heal Block on the opponent, stopping all healing effects for 11 seconds.

Element Gun Effect Selection: You will do some serious damage via the Element Gun, BUT you have zero control over which Element will be dealt to the opponent. So, once SL uses the gun, it will randomly select a power drain, heal block, shock, or armor break. I mean, Star Lord would 100% be Beyond God Tier if you had the ability to choose which element he would use mid-fight or pre-fight. 

New Element: “What a Bunch of A Holes”

Star Lord’s Synergy Partners 

Unfortunately, SL just doesn’t gain a solid amount of additional bonuses w/ his Guardians crew (Rocket, Gamora, Drax, & Groot), but he does have some very interesting synergies outside this initial group. 

FRIENDS SYNERGY: All Champions Gain +Armor Rating

TEAMMATES: All Champions Gain +Perfect Block Chance

ENEMIES: All Champions Gain +Crit Rate

RIVALS: All Champions Gain +Crit Damage Rating


TACTICAL TRAINING: Well-Timed Blocks = 50% Chance To Apply Disorient Debuff (3 Seconds)

Night Thrasher

COMBO BREAKERS: Activates Combo Shield Once Per Fight When SL Would Otherwise Lose Combo Meter Count


Star Lord FAQS

Is Star Lord A Solid Champ?

Yes, you pulled a very solid champ… If Awakened. 

Should I Awaken Star Lord?

If you have an awakening gem you should absolutely use it ASAP. 

Should I Level-Up Star Lord If He Isn’t Awakened?

I mean, I guess? Unawakened he still hits pretty hard, but personally, I wouldn’t invest a lot of iso/cats/gold into him until he’s Awakened.

Does Star Lord Need A High Sig Level?

Luckily, no! There is no need to dump sig stones into SL because once he’s awakened you gain the primary benefit of Tactician, which is to ramp up your attack damage via combo builds.

Is Star Lord The Best Tech Champ?

In my opinion, SL is a Top 5 Tech Champs. I believe Sparky Spider Man, Ghost, and Warlock are stronger… Maybe, Guilly 2099. 

Should I Use Star Lord On War Defense?

No, unless you want to give the other team an easy kill. 

Star Lord Overview

Overall, Star-Lord is one of the best offensive champs in the game (if awakened) and will help mow down opponents in Alliance Quest, Alliance War, and Story. He has some decent synergy partners to help enhance his fighting skillz as well. If you want to see Star Lord’s synergies in more detail check out the awesome website Marvel Synergy… They did a fantastic job providing great synergy-based info for the MCOC Community. If I’ve missed anything please leave a comment, below, or hit me up on Line @ SeanM3.