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Scarlet Witch Champion Overview – The OP Cheat Code

Once upon a time Scarlet Witch (SW) was the most powerful champion in Marvel Contest of Champions prior to the 12.0 Update. In terms of an over powered cheat code in MCOC, Scarlet Witch was it.

As we all know SW has been nerfed to the point that many players have abandoned using her all together. Perhaps this is nostalgia speaking, but I for one believe Scarlet Witch is still a legit champion so long as she’s awakened and has a high signature level.

Also, if you put together a solid mastery set-up (Max out Precision, Cruelty, Recovery, Mystic Dispersion) and synergize her into a Crit heavy team, she is still a bonafide beast.


Basic Info About Scarlet Witch (SW)

  • CLASS: Mystic
  • TIER: God Tier
  • SIG ABILITY: Veil of Fortune
  • AVAILABILITY: 1* – 5*
  • NOTES: Needs To Be Awakened | Higher Sig Level Needed

Aside from the nerf, the other bummer about SW is she’s not available as a 6 star champion quite yet, but she was just released as a 5 Star Champion in 2020!

She’s useful through some of the initial content up to midpoint of Act 5 as a 4* champ, and as a 5* champ she should easily get you to Cavalier status.

Before Kabam decided to nerf SW into oblivion there was no one better at dominating story mode, AW, and AQ than Scarlet Witch. 


Scarlet Witch’s Signature Ability (Veil of Fortune)

Sig Ability: Whenever Scarlet Witch lands a critical hit on the opponent or the opponent lands a Critical Hit on SW, there’s a % that SW triggers her chaos magic, which could generate 0-8 Buffs or Debuffs. 

Unfortunately, in order to really get the most out of SW’s Veil of Fortune she needs to have a higher signature level, typically around Sig Level 40.

So, you’ll need to start sinking those sig stones into her or you can always dupe her a few times, which ain’t easy.

What’s frustrating is you don’t have any control over what Buffs/Debuffs are triggered, so if you need a Regen late in a fight your only option is to pray, which I’m told works great? 

Scarlet Witch’s buffs/debuffs are triggered via the almighty Random Number Generator (RNG), so it should be no surprise that said buffs/debuffs will be random.

However, the more you crit, get hit by a crit, and/or have a higher signature level, the higher chance you have of activating one of her buffs.

Complete List of Scarlet Witch Buffs/Debuffs Triggered Via Signature Ability

When Attacking:

  • Regeneration on Scarlet Witch
  • Increased Damage for Scarlet Witch
  • Increase Crit Damage for Scarlet Witch
  • Stun on the Opponent
  • Power Lock on the Opponent
  • Power Drain on the Opponent
  • Weakness on the Opponent
  • Armor Up on the Opponent

When Getting Attacked:

  • Heal Block on the Opponent
  • Poison on the Opponent
  • Power Reset on Opponent and Scarlet Witch
  • Power Gain for Scarlet Witch
  • Power Lock on the Opponent
  • Weakness on the Opponent
  • Armor Up for Scarlet Witch
  • Increased Damage for the Opponent

Scarlet Witch’s Abilities and Specials

  • Critical Hits: SW’s Crit Hits have a high % to Nullify, removing 1 Buff(s) from the opponent.
  • Special Attack 1: This attack receives additional Critical Rating.
  • Special Attack 2: This attack receives a higher Critical Rating than SP1.
Image Might Not Accurately Display Scarlet Witches SP2
  • Special Attack 3: 100% chance to Nullify, removing all positive status effects from opponents.

Scarlet Witch’s Synergy Partners 

FRIENDS SYNERGY: All Champions – Gain +Armor Rating


ENEMIES SYNERGY: All Champions – Gain + Critical Rating


TEAMMATES SYNERGY: All Champions – Gain +Perfect Block Chance


ROMANCE SYNERGY: All Champions – Gain +Power Gain


MYSTIC CRAFT SYNERGY: Mystic Champions – 30% of Attack is Direct Damage to Opponent When Nullifying One of Their Buffs. 

CAIW (Beardo)

INFINITY ENEMIES: All Champions – Gain +Attack

Proxima Midnight

DECIMATION SYNERGY: Scarlet Witch & Sabretooth – Start Fight w/ Fury Buff Against Mutant Champions, Granting 15% Attack Rating.


Scarlet Witch FAQs

Is SW Still A Good MCOC Champ?

Yeah, Scarlet Witch is still a good champ so long as she’s awakened and has a decently high signature level. If you have the aforementioned she’s a solid champ to clear through some of the earlier content (Story Mode) as a 4* champ, probably up through the beginning – mid portions of Act 5. Since she was released as a 5* champ in 2020, she will help get you to Cavalier status.

Should I Level-Up Scarlet Witch?

If SW is not awakened or she’s at a low signature level I would hold onto your gold, iso, and catalysts. If SW is awakened and you can bring up her Signature level, then start using your resources to level her up. 

At What Signature Level Is Scarlet Witch Useful?

The higher the better, but you should start seeing her Sig Ability really start firing at the 40 Sig Level

How Can I Maximize Scarlet Witch

Head to your mastery page and max out Cruelty, Precision, Recovery, and Mystic Dispersion. This should help quite a bit, but also, put together some synergies where she can up her Crit Rating as well. Finally, sink some signature stones into her so she’s at, at least, 40 Sig Level. 

Why Was SW So OP Before 12.0?

Well, she could stun lock opponents for what seemed like an entire fight, regen like a mofo, power drain… I mean, basically everything she currently does but at a MUCH higher level. She was essentially a cheat code for getting through content, Alliance Quests, and Alliance Wars. Once the nerf came Kabam herded her awesome abilities off MCOC. You could even say when Kabam typically rolls out an update they become Nerf Herders.

Alright… Sorry.

Does Scarlet Witch Come As A 5 Star or 6 Star Champ?

Scarlet Witch was just released as a 5* champ, but Kabam doesn’t have any plans to release Scarlet Witch as a 6* in the near future probably because she’d be too OP. 


So, what have we learned. Well, Scarlet Witch used to be the most badass overpowered champ in Marvel Contest of Champions.

Since the 12.0 Patch, she’s been nerfed, but SW still remains a pretty damn good champ to get through some of the earlier content.

Scarlet Witch 100% needs to be awakened and have a signature level of at least 40 to be considered useful. Here she is in all her Pre 12.0 glory, just tearing it up…