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MCoC Champion Buff List 2021

Hi guys I’m back with new article. This time we will take a look at upcoming champion buffs for Marvel Contest of Champions in 2021.

There should be 1 champion rework plus 2 smaller scale buffs every month starting from April 1st 2021.

We don’t know yet what champion buffs will take place in April, but this is what we know:

MCoC Champion Buff List 2021

Upcoming MCoC Champion Buffs in 2021

Before taking look at upcoming MCoC Champion Buff list for 2021 you should know what each definition means.

Champion Buff Explanations

  • Tune-Up – No ability changes just tuning up numbers
  • Update Numbers and Minor Ability Changes but largely the same kit
  • Overhaul Whole new champion kit time

Now let’s see upcoming 2021 Champion Buff List:

2021 Champion Buff List Class Buff Status Buff Type
Odin Cosmic Upcoming Tune-Up
The Hood Mystic Upcoming ???
Black Panther Skill Upcoming ???
Miles Morales Science Upcoming ???

These release dates are just approximate and based on based on what i read on the forum. hese are my best guesses based on the information currently available.

Kabam is not revealing exact release dates in advance.

Previous Champion Buffs in 2021

And here is list of previous champion buffs in 2021

2021 Champion Buff ListClassBuff DateBuff Type
AngelaCosmicMarch 2021Tune-Up
MasacreSkillMarch 2021Tune-Up
Civil WarriorTechMarch 2021Update
KingpinSkillFeb 2021Update
YellowjacketScienceFeb 2021Update
TerraxCosmicFeb 2021Tune-Up
Mole ManSkillFeb 2021Tune-Up

If you want to see more previous buffs you can check them in our article here.

There will be more buffs coming in 2021 so I will try to update this article and keep it up to date.

If you have any questions feel free to leave comment below.