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MCOC Abbreviations & Slang The Ultimate Guide

Since 2014, Marvel Contest of Champions (MCOC) has been one of the most popular mobile apps (iOS & Android) with millions upon millions of downloads.

The community has consistently grown and with that type of growth a lot of lingo has been created within the MCOC crew as a result.

For instance, have you ever traversed Global or Alliance chat and been completely confused by the abbreviations AA, WS, AQ, or RoL?

Well, the next logical step is to Google “Who is AA?” Chances are you landed on an Alcoholics Anonymous page, right?

Well, if you’ve been hitting the bottle too hard lately, you’re welcome. BUT, MCOC Hacks has built the most comprehensive Marvel Contest of Champions abbreviations, initialisms, acronyms, and terms Glossary so you can speak MCOC speak like a pro!

If you’d like to go directly to a spreadsheet, then click on this MCOC Abbreviations link to get a rundown via Google Sheets! I update this regularly, but if it’s out of date, hit me up!

Uhh, yeah, I think we knew that one.

MCOC Champions Glossary of Abbreviations

In every alliance your crew will be using an abbreviation, acronym, or initialism for nearly every MCOC champion under the sun, so I’ve put together the most popular champ abbreviations so you don’t end up Googling, “Hyp MCOC Champion, who dis?” 

Hyp = Hyperion. He’s clearly Hyp’d about his Abbrev.

Without further ado, here is the ultimate list of every MCOC Champion Abbreviations!

MCOC Champion Abbreviations & Initialisms

Abomination Abom Abomb  
Agent Venom AV    
Angela Ange Angie  
Ant-Man AM    
Archangel AA Arc Archie
Black Bolt BB Bolt  
Black Panther BP BP OG OG BP
Black Panther (Civil War) BPCW    
Black Widow BW    
Captain America Cap CA  
Captain America (Infinity War) CAIW Beardo  
Captain America (WWII) CapWW2 CAWW2 WW2
Captain Marvel CMM Marvel MCU CMMCU
Captain Marvel (Classic) CMC CM  
Civil Warrior CW Civie  
Colossus Col    
Corvus Glaive Corvus CG  
Crossbones CB XB X Bones
Cull Obsidian Cull CO  
Cyclops (Blue Team) Blue Cyclops B Clops  
Cyclops (New Xavier School) Red Cyclops R Clops XFace
Daredevil (Classic) DD    
Daredevil (Netflix) DD Netflix NDD DD Nets
Darkhawk DH    
Deadpool DP OGDP Redpool
Deadpool (X-Force) DPX DPXF  
Doctor Octopus Doc Ock    
Doctor Strange DS    
Doctor Voodoo Voodoo DV  
Domino Dom    
Dormammu Dorm Mammu  
Ebony Maw Squidward Ebony EM
Elsa Bloodstone Elsa EB  
Emma Frost Emma EF  
Gamora Gami    
Ghost Rider GR    
Goldpool Goldie    
Green Goblin GG    
Guillotine Guilly Gilly  
Guillotine (2099) Gilly 99 G99  
Gwenpool GP Gwen  
Hawkeye HE    
Hit-Monkey HM    
Howard The Duck HTD Howard Duck
Hulk (Ragnarok) Gulk GHulk Hulk Rags
Hulkbuster HB    
Human Torch HT Torch  
Hyperion Hyp Hype Hypes
Iceman Ice    
Invisible Woman IW InvWo  
Immortal Iron Fist IIF    
Iron Fist IF    
Iron Man IM    
Iron Man (Infinity War) IMIW    
Iron Patriot IP    
Joe Fixit Fixit    
Juggernaut Juggs Juggy  
Killmonger KM    
King Groot KG    
Kingpin KP    
Luke Cage LC    
Magneto Mags Red Mags  
Magneto (Marvel Now!) Mags White Mags  
Man-Thing MT Manwhich?  
Masacre Mas    
Mephisto Meph Phisto  
Mister Sinister Sinister MS  
Moon Knight MK Moonie  
Morningstar MS    
Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) KK Khan  
Nebula Neb    
Nick Fury Nick Fury NF
Night Thrasher NT    
Nightcrawler NC    
Old Man Logan OML    
Omega Red OR    
Proxima Midnight PM Proxima  
Punisher Pun    
Punisher (2099) 2099 Pun99  
Red Hulk Rulk Rhulk RH
Red Skull RS    
Rocket Racoon RR Rocket  
Sabretooth ST    
Scarlet Witch SW Switch  
She-Hulk Shulk    
Silver Surfer SS Surfer  
Spider-Gwen SG    
Spider-Man (Classic) Spidey Spidey Classic SM
Spider-Man (Miles Morales) Miles MM  
Spider-Man (Stark Enhanced) Sparky Starky SMSE
Spider-Man (Stealth Suit) Night Monkey Stealth Spidey SM Stealth
Spider-Man (Symbiote) Symbi Spidey Sym  
Star Lord SL    
Superior Iron Man SIM    
Symbiote Supreme Symb Supreme Symbi Supreme SS
Taskmaster TM    
Terrax Rax Terry  
The Hood Hood    
Thor (Jane Foster) Jane TJF  
Thor (Ragnarok) Thor Rags Rags Raggy
Unstoppable Colossus UC    
Venom The Duck VTD    
Venompool VP VPool  
Vision OG Vision OGV  
Vision (Aarkus) Vision Ark Vark Varkus
Vision (Age of Ultron) AOU Vision    
War Machine WM    
Winter Soldier WS Bucky  
Wolverine Wolvie    
Wolverine (X-23) X23    
Yellow Jacket YJ    

*Please note, I’ve seen Iceman AND Iron Man referred to w/ the initialism of IM. I’d like to think that the MCOC Community will adopt “Ice” for Iceman, but that seems to be the only confusing duplication I’ve come across. 

MCOC Quest Explanation

Typically, for the story and event portion of MCOC, decimals are used to indicate the specific act, chapter, and quest.

For instance, two numbers represent an Event or Variant Quest (2.1) and three numbers represent the Story portion of the game (3.1.2). Let me break it down more specifically, below.

Example 1 – 3.1.2

Act 3: Endgame > Chapter 1: Shadows Revealed > Quest 2: Introduction


Example 2 – 1.2

Chapter 1: Wisdom > Quest 2: Borrowed Power


There are also Alliance Quest (AQ’s) abbreviations that display the days and maps the alliance typically tackles.

AQ Examples

  • 5×5 = Map 5 for 5 Days
  • 3×5 = Map 3 for 5 Days
  • 2×2 = Map 2 for 2 Days
  • 55555 = Map 5 for 5 Days
  • 55444 = 1st Two Days of Map 5 and Last Three Days of Map 4

MCoC List of Quests & Event Abbreviations

  • AE – Alliance Event
  • AQ – Alliance Quest
  • AW – Alliance War
  • AWA – Alliance War Attack
  • AWD – Alliance War Defense
  • BA – Basic Arena
  • EQ – Event Quest
  • FA – Featured Arena
  • LOL – Labyrinth of Legends
  • Mini – Mini Boss in AQ/AW
  • SA – Summoner Advancement
  • SE – Solo Event
  • ROL – Realm of Legends
  • RTTL – Road to the Labyrinth
  • VQ – Variant Quest

MCoC Dictionary

  • AG – Awakening Gem
  • Cat | Cats – Catalysts
  • FGMC – Featured Grand Master Crystal
  • GMC – Grand Master Crystal
  • PHC | PHC’s – Premium Hero Crystals
  • R1 | R2 | R3 | R4 | R5 – Rank 1 – Rank 5
  • RDT – Rank Down Ticket
  • RUG – Rank-Up Gem
  • Stones | Sig Stones – Signature Stones
  • T1a – Tier 1 Alpha Catalyst
  • T2a – Tier 2 Alpha Catalyst
  • T1b – Tier 1 Basic Catalyst
  • T2b – Tier 2 Basic Catalyst
  • T3b – Tier 3 Basic Catalyst
  • T4b – Tier 4 Basic Catalyst
  • T5b – Tier 5 Basic Catalyst
  • T1c – Tier 1 Class Catalyst
  • T2c – Tier 2 Class Catalyst
  • T3c – Tier 3 Class Catalyst
  • T4c – Tier 4 Class Catalyst

MCOC Mastery Abbreviations

There are a lot of masteries that could be abbreviated, but as far as I can tell, MCOC players don’t abbreviate them on the reg.

So, a lot of these were compiled from personal experience and deductive reasoning, so do not hesitate to contact me if I’ve missed anything.

  • Suicides = 4 Masteries that affect the players health, but provide a large boost to their attack. Includes the Glass Cannon, Recoil, Liquid Courage, & Double Edge masteries
The Four Suicides
  • GC = Glass Cannon
  • DE = Double Edge
  • DW = Deep Wounds
  • Evade | Dex = Dexterity
  • *LC = Liquid Courage
  • MD = Mystic Dispersion
  • PB = Perfect Block
  • SYG = Stand Your Ground
  • WP = Willpower

*Although Liquid Courage has the same abbreviation as Luke Cage context should guide you here. For instance, if you are chatting about masteries and where to put a point, chances are LC = Liquid Courage. 

Brawling Terms

Although MCOC doesn’t have the most sophisticated fighting system, there is some basic slang that comes w/ brawling.

  • AAR – Ability Accuracy Reduction
  • Evade – This is a Mastery (Dexterity), but also used in brawling terms
  • Intercept – When an opponent is coming in for an attack and you intercept the attack w/ your own combo
  • MLLLM – Medium, Light, Light, Light, Medium Combo
  • MLLLL – Medium, Light, Light, Light, Light Combo
  • MLM – Medium, Light, Medium Combo
  • Parry – This is a Mastery (Parry), but also used in brawling terms
  • L1, L2, L3 – Another way to say Special Attack 1 (L1), Special Attack 2 (L2), & Special Attack 3 (L3). I see people using SP1 – SP3 way more than L1 – L3
  • SP1, SP2, SP3 – Special Attack 1 (SP1), Special Attack 2 (SP2), & Special Attack 3 (SP3) 

MCOC Other Terms & Abbreviations

  • 1vs1: Quickmatch Versus
  • AI: Artificial Intelligence runs all the opponents you fight in game
  • Bots: Same definition of AI, above
  • Booted | Kicked: Boot/Kick someone out of your alliance
  • Buff | Buffed: One definition is when Kabam decides to increase the effectiveness of a champion. Second definition is when you apply an item to increase your health, attack, and/or defense
  • God-Tier: Champs that are considered the highest tiered/most powerful champs
  • Demi-God Tier: These would be champs right beneath God-Tier champs. They are still worth leveling
  • Meme Tier Champs: The worst of the worst champions (Kamala Khan, Daredevil Netflix, Fixit, Falcon, etc.)
  • Dupe: Duplicate Champion
  • FTP: Free To Play
  • Grinding Arena: You are grinding Arena for Champs, T4 Cats, Shards, etc.
  • Holy Trinity: Synergy Including Blade, Sparky, & Ghost Rider
  • Unholy Trinity: Synergy including Killmonger, Sabretooth, & Void
  • Kabam’d | Kabamed: Getting screwed by Kabam, which I’m afraid happens quite often.
Sounds about right…
  • Linked Node: A Buffed node in AQ or AW that applies some special buffs to a champion
  • Unlinked: When someone in AQ/AW defeats a Linked Node, it becomes… Unlinked
  • MCOC: Marvel Contest of Champions
  • Mercs: Players who will join your alliance on a temporary basis to help them win in AQ, AW, and AE
  • MI: Marvel Insider
  • Nerf | Nerfed: When Kabam, in all their wisdom, decides to make an awesome champion no longer as awesome. RIP SW, DS, & SHulk — Although, they are still decent champs in my opinion (IMO)
  • Noob | Newb: If you are a new player – For instance, using units on PHC’s is a noob mistake
  • Pilot: Using Someone else’s account to play, which is against the MCOC Terms of Service (TOS)
  • PI: Power Index of your champs
  • Prestige: The Avg. Power Index (PI) of your top 5 champs without boosts, masteries, or synergies
  • Rage Quit: When you grind or spend $$ and pull a 5* or 6* Meme Tier Champ, then subsequently quit the game entirely
Dude pulled a 6* DPX for sure
  • RNG: Random Number Generator determines what or who you will get when you open a crystal
  • ROL WS: Using a new champ to test their abilities in the Realm of Legends of Winter Soldier
  • Sig: Signature
  • Tank | Tanking: Losing an Alliance War (AW) during the off-season 
  • Taxi: Your team is KO’d and has energy, so you taxi a team without energy to fights
  • TOS: Terms of Service
  • Whale: Someone who spends massive amounts of $$ on the game
  • 12.0 Update: This was the Kabamiest of all Kabam updates that nerfed a lot of once great champions (DS + BW), had a TON of bugs, introduced the flat value systems, and nearly caused the entire community to Rage Quit

Now you are one step closer to understanding the vast majority of MCOC acronyms!

I will continue to update this list as new abbreviations, acronyms, initialisms come out and you can always refer to the MCOC Hacks Acronym Sheet in Google docs I linked above.