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MCOC 2020 Champion Buff List

Despite 2020 being the weirdest year in all of history, Kabam has really upped their game with the 2020 MCOC Champion Buffs.

Let me be clear, their deals are still a complete rip-off 99.999% of the time, unless it’s 4th of July or Black Friday/Cyber Monday. However, when it comes to champion buffs for 2020, they’ve done very well.

One example, they buffed Hulkbuster(HB) and made him… Good? No really… They totally did that! HB is kind of a stud now.

Back in 2019, Colossus went from piping hot dumpster fire status to bonafide God-Tier champ. 

So, who has Kabam buffed and who will they buff? Well, look no further… Here’s a quick MCOC buff list for 2020!

2020 Champion Buff List Class Buff Status Buff Type
Old Man Logan Mutant Buffed Tune-Up
Hulkbuster Tech Buffed Overhaul
Magneto Mutant Buffed Overhaul
Magneto (Marvel Now!) Mutant Buffed Overhaul
Punisher 2099 Tech Buffed Tune-Up
Gambit Mutant November 2020 Update
Falcon Skill November 2020 Update

2020 MCOC Buff Updates

According to the Kabam Dev Diary, it looks like Kabam has put together a “strike-team” dedicated towards Champion tune-ups.

Luckily MCOC Hacks was able to find a leaked photo of this “rad” team!

We wanted to be called Mr. Steal Yo Girlfriend Team!!!!

Fortunately, Kabam denied their (dope?) request and went w/ Strike Team instead. Anyways, they are doing great w/ the buffs, not the ladies, but I digress… According to Kabam, this strike team will be buffing champs in four of the following ways:

  1. Balanced – Champions that are “Good Enough for Now”, or better.
  2. Tune-Up – No ability changes just tuning up numbers (Torch or Sentry)
  3. Update – Numbers and Minor Ability Changes but largely the same kit (a la Red Hulk, or Carnage)
  4. Overhaul – Whole new kit time. (Think Hulkbuster or Colossus)

2020 Upcoming Champion Buffs

Let’s take a look at upcoming Champion Buffs for year 2020:

Magneto Buff – September 2020

YES! Red Mags and White Mags are finally getting buffed! They’ve been in the MCOC line-up for a loooong time, so chances are many of you have one of the Magnetos in your roster. 

I actually ranked White Mags as one of the worst champs, but now… He’s SO much better! However, it looks like Red Mags is much stronger than White Mags, but don’t fret if you pull a Marvel Now!, he’s still very good!

  • Champion Buff: Magneto (Red Mags) 
  • Champion Buff: Magneto Marvel Now! (White Mags)  
  • Type of Buff: Overhaul
  • Buff Date: Late August/Early September | V28.1 Kabam Update
  • Buff Result: Both Magneto’s will be getting an overhaul and they are officially amazing. Anyways, here’s a vid from Seatin showcasing the Red Magneto Buff!

Punisher 2099 Buff – October 2020

I’ve never thought Punisher 2099 has been completely useless, he’s a fine defensive champ. On offense, not so much, but with the Tune-Up, he’s pretty good now. 

  • Champion Buff: Punisher 2099
  • Type of Buff: Tune-Up
  • Buff Date: October | V28.2 Update
  • Buff Results: As of now, this is TBD, but many have speculated that Pun99 will start with a higher battery, a faster battery charge, or maybe it carries over like CMM charges. Overall, his utility is pretty good, so maybe we will see more damage output as well since this is just a Tune-Up Buff?

Gambit & Falcon Buff – November 2020

Gambit has always been “eh” as well, but Falcon, man… Falcon has never been anything close to decent.

  • Champion Buff: Gambit
  • Type of Buff: Update
  • Buff Date: November | V29.0 Update
  • Buff Result: TBD — This is all speculation but prowess buff to the level of Havok or Storm X, gains kinetic charges faster, well-timed blocks = more kinetic charges. I mean, on top of higher damage output, we just really don’t know at this point what to expect from the Update Buff.
  • Champion Buff: Falcon
  • Type of Buff: Update
  • Buff Date: November | V29.0 Kabam Update
  • Buff Result: TBD — Honestly, they could do anything and it would be better than Falcon’s current state. He sucks so bad. Since Falcon has been around for awhile, I think most of us have him in our rosters. Hopefully, he will have some redeeming qualities, even if it’s just for War Defense.

2020 MCOC Buffs To Date

As mentioned earlier, Hulkbuster is a total bad A$! now. I spent a lot of time writing about how much he sucked.

  • Champion Buff: Hulkbuster 
  • Type of Buff: Overhaul
  • Buff Date: June 2020
  • Buff Result: Hulkbuster went from a pure joke to God-Tier champ. If you have him and he’s buffed you have a SOLID champ now.
  • What they did: See below in this Seatin Vid because there’s a lot and it’s all very, very good!

2020 Buff List Overview

So, there it is, the MCOC 2020 Buff List. I will make sure to update this list because it looks like Kabam might add additional buffs for the month of December. If we can say anything about 2020 it’s been a dumpster fire encapsulated in another dumpster fire. Personally, I blame the release of the movie Cats and this graph proves my theory.

However, 2020 has been a great year for MCOC buffs, and for what it’s worth, Kabam seems to be listening to us Summoners when making champ buffs. Hopefully, we see DD Nets, Groot, Fixit, MK, DPX, etc., etc., on the buff schedule for 2021!