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How To Get 1 Star Champions

Chances are you’ve found this article because you are part of a semi-large contingent of Summoner’s that sold their 1 Star Champs and just found out 1 Star Champions are actually useful for Variant 4 Waning Moon.

Well, you’ve found the right place! Unfortunately, there are only three ways to obtain a 1 Star Champion and all of them suck. 


Three Ways to Score 1 Star Champions

Here is list of ways to score 1 star champions:

Daily Crystals – The Best Route

You can score 1 Star Champions if you open enough Daily Crystals. However, if you’ve reached Uncollected or Cavalier status then you’re SOL because now you are getting Uncollected/Cavalier Daily Crystals, which give you much better stuff.

1 Star Champs aren’t considered “better stuff,” so you’re stuck w/ better rewards with zero chance of pulling a 1 Star Champ to progress in Variant 4.

It’s a Kabam move, straight up, because even if you aren’t Uncollected/Cavalier, the drop rate is still painfully low to score a 1 Star Champ AND you only get a daily crystal…

Daily. So, annually, you will get 365 shots to score a 1 Star, which is something, right?

Hero Crystals – The Expensive Route

So, you’ve been grinding story mode and are now Uncollected or Cavalier.

-From The Collector’s Little Brother Who Lives In The Basement, Chuck-

But, you sold every 1 Star Champion back when Waning Moon didn’t exist and 1 Star Champions had as bright a future as Superior Iron Man becoming an awesome champ.

Since Kabam is Kabam, they decided to make Variant 4 Waning Moon beatable with the help of 1 Star Champs. What do you do?

Well, you need to purchase Hero Crystals in the store for 50 Units per crystal! Such BS… Anyways, this is it, folks. You have to spend 50 units, where the drop rate is lower to get a 1 Star Champ than it is to score a higher, 2 Star Champ. 

Start A New Account – The Desperate Route

This is the absolute worst option, it shouldn’t even be considered a viable option, but it is still an option and I need to list all of them out for you. So, here it is…

If you start a new account you will get to open the Beginner Crystal and a bonus crystal which will land you two 1 Star Champions.

And since you have a new account, you will be able to obtain your 1 Star champs via the Daily Crystals, which is fine.

But, do you really need to start a new account just to score 1* Champs? Again, Kabam doesn’t leave us with many options, and when one of those options is resorting to starting a new account, the system seems to be a bit broken, right?


1 Star Champion FAQS

Are 1 Star Champions Awesome?

They most certainly are not. But for some reason, Kabam made them necessary for Variant 4, so here we are… Reliant upon 1 Star Champs. 

Should I Level-Up My 1 Star Champs?

If you ever plan to take on Variant 4 Waning Moon, yes you should level them up. Also, if you want to build your Total PI, then sure, level them up for that as well.  

Why Would I Want A 1 Star Champion?

Two reasons…

  1. To get through Variant 4 Waning Moon: You will need a 1 Star Champs, specifically a 1* Hulk to make it through Waning Moon without spending A LOT of units, potions, revives, and buffs. 
  2. To increase your team PI: I mean sure, this will increase your PI, but not by much, but whatever. 

How Many One Star Champs Are There?

There are a grand total of 13 1* Champions. Here they are…

1 Star Champion MCOC Full List

Will One Star Champs Become Available Again?

So, I did some digging on my own and submitted a ticket to Kabam to see if there were any future events coming up that might make it easier to acquire a 1* champ. Short answer is “No.” Here is the exchange…

Kabam Support –

First off, I am one of the idiots that sold 1 Star Champions when I first started playing the game. Now that I have become Uncollected, and Kabam has released content (Variant 4 – Waning Moon) that requires 1 Star Champions, I am deeply regretting my decision. 

So, my main questions… Is there another way for Uncollected or Cavalier accounts to get 1 Star Champions other than Hero Crystals in the Store, which cost 50 units per pop. These Hero Crystals also have a pretty low drop rate for 1 Star Champs. If there are not other ways to get 1 Star Champions, will there be future opportunities to acquire 1 Star Champs?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!


Kabam’s Response:

Greetings Summoner,

Thank you for contacting Kabam Support with your concerns about our Hero Crystal drop rates. Tina here and I’ll do my best to assist you today!

We understand that drop rates are something that you and our community are passionate about and would like to provide some context surrounding the topic. There are many factors that determine the drop rates of items or Champions from crystals. We have designed our system to keep a strong balance between offering an opportunity to win and maintaining the rarity of valuable items. This is important to The Contest so that when a player achieves a powerful or favored result it feels impactful and exciting. We also share your concerns about upholding the game’s integrity, therefore our drop rates are never specific to individuals.

You can view more information on our Support Site to learn more about how drop rates work, where to view them, and how our system is designed:

Drop Rates in The Contest

Currently we don’t have any information yet about any future offer that has higher chance in getting a 1-Star Champion. Do know that we are always interested in receiving feedback from our players, and your ideas can really help us make the game better. Also, please keep an eye out for any future announcements in the game and on the forums as updates should be shared there. Additional opportunities to reflect and adjust The Contest are always appreciated!

We appreciate you taking the time to contact us so we can help. Should you have any further questions or concerns on this issue, please let us know.

Kind regards,

Kabam Support


So, there you have it, for those of you that are Uncollected/Cavalier your options to get a 1 Star champ are purchasing Hero Crystals for 50 Units each or starting a new account.

The moral of the story is don’t ever sell your champs, it’s not the first time something like this has come to burn me, so make sure you don’t make the same mistakes I have.

If you have any questions hit me up on my Line Account (TeamLannister) or comment below!