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About MCOC Hacks

Welcome to MCOC Hacks, a Marvel Contest of Champions fan site dedicated towards entertaining and educating you while you are browsing the internets at work or school. Truth be told, I’m writing this exact sentence while I’m at work so…

What is MCOC Hacks

I’ve been playing the game since 3*’s were a big deal, so I’ve made every mistake in the book and learned some cool stuff along the way. My hope is you will read this before making the same mistakes I did, and therefore, be able to Hack your way to victory. In terms of the type of posts I’m writing, whenever I can’t find an answer to a question on the MCOC Forums or Reddit I’ll attempt to provide that answer. I don’t claim to know everything about MCOC, so when I can’t intelligently write about certain champions abilities or a more advanced stage of Story Mode, I will make sure to include an expert in that space to write something up.

What Topics Does MCOC Hacks Cover

A little bit of everything, but overall, I spend my time answering questions when I can’t find a solid answer. So, I will be covering champions and their abilities, MCOC abbreviations, top MCOC mistakes to avoid, weekly arena results, the best mastery set-ups, etc. When the content gets too long or confusing, I will likely add an explanation via my YouTube Channel MCOC Hacks.

Who Are You

My name is Sean, and I have two MCOC accounts (TeamLannister and MCOCHacks), so find me in game and say hi! In short, I’m an adult, playing a mobile app, and I’m afraid to admit, spending money in game from time-to-time. My TeamLannister account is a bit beefier, and my newer MCOC Hacks account was built so I can speak/write up content for Noob Summoners joining MCOC. I will also be bringing on some friends who play MCOC and can add some value to the conversation and provide MCOC Hacks for the community.

This is exactly what I look like in real life.

How Can I Contact You

Very easy! Just click on the contact us link and I will get back to you within 24-48 hours. You can also hit me up on Line via my username SeanM3. If you want to contribute to the blog, point out a mistake, tell me I’m an idiot, those are the best places to do it.

Why Are You Doing This

Great question! As stated in the opening paragraph, I’m at work and bored, BUT I know a bit about the game so thought I could add some value to the MCOC Community. Plus, I just think it’s pretty cool to write about something I enjoy, even though, there have been times I want to throw my phone at a wall when playing the game, but overall, I’m a fan!

Do you Make Money From MCOC Hacks?

No. I mean yes, I do, via affiliate links dispersed throughout the website, and via advertisements, but it’s an embarrassingly low amount. I would like to make a lot of money, but truth be told, I’m primarily doing this to provide some entertaining content for the MCOC community.