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10 Comic themed casino games

As we are huge comic book fans, we have always been fond of casino games. They usually have a theme related to pop culture and tend to be very entertaining. In this article, I will list some of my favorite Comic themed casino games that are available online.

1)    DC Comics slots

DC Comics is one of the oldest comic book companies in America, being founded way back in 1934. There have been thousands of characters created over the decades their comics have been around for, so it is no surprise they have had lots of success with video slot machines as well. Their themes often revolve around their most popular characters such as Batman and Superman, but they also feature many other exciting titles such as Catwoman and Harley Quinn Slots. Some of their titles are available to play with the same name as the original comics, others have been renamed for legal reasons.

2)    Iron Man 3 slots

The Iron Man franchise has enjoyed widespread box office success in recent years, so it is no surprise to see it adapted very successfully into slots. Like DC Comics, Marvel has a massive back catalogue of characters that they can use in their slot machines, and many of them are available under their original name or an alternative one. Iron Man 3 Slots features characters from the third installment of the series including Maya Hansen, Aldrich Killian, and Guy Pearce’s character who were unfortunately wasted when compared to his comic book counterpart. It also includes Gwyneth Paltrow’s black dress version of Pepper Potts.

3)    The Amazing Spider-Man slots

The most recent iteration of the popular Marvel character features characters from the 2012 film including Lizard, Emma Stone’s Gwen Stacy, Martin Sheen’s Uncle Ben and Sally Field’s Aunt May. Different symbols represent different character types such as police officers for civilians and characters within the movie franchise will feature on the reels when they are selected to complete a line win. This is one of my favorite games on this list due to it being so faithful to the original story which was rebooted with this title in an attempt to bring some freshness back into Spiderman after his success in recent years began to dwindle. I actually remember playing this game when it first came out thanks to being so excited for the reboot.

4)    The Hunger Games slots

This is another film adaptation that got its own dedicated slot machine with an original title, not a renamed version of an existing game. It features symbols from both the book series and the movie including Katniss’ bow, Finnick’s trident, Caesar Flickerman, Mockingjays and Effie Trinket’s little blue suitcase. I couldn’t actually tell you anything about this movie or what it was even about but there are plenty of fans out there who will really appreciate seeing some of their favorite characters in this slot machine with unique symbols representing characters within the storyline.

5)    Iron Man 2 slots

Iron Man 2 is similar to most of the others in this list as it managed to balance using original characters with those from the movie. It features War Machine, Nick Fury’s flying car, Black Widow, and Justin Hammer alongside all of your favorite Iron Man suits including Hulkbuster.

6)    Thor slots

Similar to DC Comics slots, Marvel has again taken advantage of their back catalogue of characters that have appeared over the decades they have created comics. This slot machine includes pretty much everything you can think of from Norse mythology including Odin, Loki, and Thor himself. There are also plenty of references to other characters within the Marvel universe such as Dr Strange or The Incredible Hulk whom he fought during his first appearance in comic books. Nordic-themed slots can also be found here.

7)    Captain America Slots

Captain America is another of the most recent film adaptations from Marvel and features a number of characters from the movie including Red Skull, Iron Cross, and of course Captain America himself.

8)    The Incredible Hulk Slots

The Incredible Hulk slot machine is again very similar to previous ones mentioned as it features all of your favorite characters from the original comic books such as Betty Ross, General ‘Thunderbolt’ Ross and Rick Jones who later became part of The Avengers team.

9)    Guardians Of The Galaxy slots

Guardians of the Galaxy is another hugely successful franchise that has been adapted into a slot machine with all original symbols apart from one which even includes a small cameo appearance for Xandar which is the home planet to Nova Prime Gamora, Drax, Groot, and Star-Lord.

10)    Iron Man 3 slots

Iron Man 3 is one of the latest films on this list to get its own slot machine adaptation. It’s actually pretty good but I think my favorite feature would have to be the fact that there are up to 50 free spins included when you trigger scatter symbols which could probably save you some money if you play this game enough times.


So there you have it, 10 Marvel slot machine adaptations from the huge franchise’s comic book history. Do any of these do enough for you to convince you to try and play for cash?